Natural Gas Filling Stations Plus Bigger Truck Engines To Boost Liquefied Petroleum Usage


The trucking industry is poised to utilize liquefied petroleum gas, also known as propane gas. The problem is that there aren't enough filling stations lining the highways throughout America for long haul truckers as they traverse thousands of miles all over the nation. They need to fill up just as any driver would when driving an automobile. State and federal government agencies in America are offering tax credit and grant incentives to encourage the installation of natural gas fuel stations. The government wants the trucking industry to utilize clean-burning liquefied natural gas.

Demand for Bigger New Truck Engines

Experts note that truck manufacturers must design big trucks to accommodate the use of natural gas as a power source. Engine manufacturers are building bigger new engines to accommodate truckers using liquefied petroleum gas, according to reports.The trucking industry, by all indications, wants to switch from petroleum usage and the negative impact that form of energy has on the environment. The combination of big engines and filling stations will certainly explode the use of liquefied gas energy by the trucking industry.

Shipping Companies' Influence

The good news also is that major shipping companies in America are reportedly giving their business deals to companies that store and use fleets of natural gas trucks. Considering that millions of  trucks are booked to transport popular products all across America, the shippers have a big say in promoting the use of natural liquefied gas by the trucking industry.

Profits for American Oil Barons

Filling stations will be gold mines for barons ruling the oil industry in America. Word is that they are moving to build a network of liquefied natural gas filling stations that long-haul truckers will have access to in the country.

China Jumps Aboard

China, with its eagle-eye business sights set on innovative natural gas production, is right on the money. The Chinese Government sprung into business action to grab a niche in this lucrative industry. Its plan is to consequently invest millions into building liquefied natural gas filling stations for long-haul trucking use in America. At last count in 2013, the Chinese were reportedly planning to install 50 truck stops in the United States as a start.

American Entrepreneurs Challenge The Competition

American entrepreneurs are challenging foreign competition. One company pounced on the idea of building filling stations and built 70 fueling stations in 33 states, according to reports. The filling stations are in place and waiting for the roll-out of newly manufactured big truck engines that are designed to run on liquefied natural gas only.

Liquefied Petroleum Benefits Many

It's a win-win situation for the trucking industry and truckers, shipping companies, filling station owners, consumers and job seekers. Most of all, the environment and the public score a big win. Decreased pollution in the environment means people will breathe in clean air that is free of dangerous petroleum gas emissions. For more information about the benefits of liquified petroleum, contact a company like Avery Oil And Propane.


29 January 2015

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