Three Spring Projects To Boost Your Curb Appeal


Spring is the season of renewal, and this includes your curb appeal. After winter has blown its final destructive breath across your property, focus on the following three areas to get things looking sharp again in record time:

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing shouts "conscientious homeowner" like freshly painted trim. Stand back and take a good, hard look at your home's exterior this spring to see where the most attention is needed. There's probably no need to repaint your entire home, but a fresh touch-up to shutters, railings, columns, posts, gingerbread, and fencing can sure perk a space up fast. Additionally, painting out window and door trim, garage doors, and even porches and sidewalks are sure ways to make your home stand out from all the others on the block. 

Visit your local home improvement store for exterior primer and paint, and look for ones that have been specifically formulated for the material you'll be painting. Paint made to cover vinyl siding, for instance, isn't the best choice for aluminum shutters. Match your paint and primer to your material, and your paint job should last for several years. 

Neatly Trimmed Trees

Shaggy, overgrown trees and shrubs make a property look neglected. And a neglected property makes a prime target for vandals as well as burglars. Make your presence known by hiring a local tree trimming service like Tidd Tree to spiff up your ornamental trees, shrubs, hedges and more. A quality company offers all of these services and more, and they'll benefit you more than you realize:

  • Trimming back overgrowth from your air conditioning units keep them cleaner and prolongs their life.
  • Neatly-trimmed hedges help deter intruders as well as unwanted pests such as snakes.
  • Trimming away dead branches and trees prevents them from falling over during high winds -- avoiding injury to people and property.  

Annual Plantings

While perennial gardens are lovely, low-maintenance options for seasonal color, they typically don't bloom until summer. Look for annual plants to add early color to window boxes and sidewalk borders. Plants such as petunias, marigolds, pansies, nasturtium, and fuchsia add instant color to your landscape. Many will bloom right up until fall if cared for properly. While they won't overwinter to bloom again next spring, they're just what you need to add interest and a finishing touch right now. 

Perking up your curb appeal for spring takes a small investment and a bit of sweat equity, but your home will be the lovelier for it. 


6 May 2015

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