Three Spring Projects To Boost Your Curb Appeal


Spring is the season of renewal, and this includes your curb appeal. After winter has blown its final destructive breath across your property, focus on the following three areas to get things looking sharp again in record time: A Fresh Coat of Paint Nothing shouts "conscientious homeowner" like freshly painted trim. Stand back and take a good, hard look at your home's exterior this spring to see where the most attention is needed.

6 May 2015

Natural Gas Filling Stations Plus Bigger Truck Engines To Boost Liquefied Petroleum Usage


The trucking industry is poised to utilize liquefied petroleum gas, also known as propane gas. The problem is that there aren't enough filling stations lining the highways throughout America for long haul truckers as they traverse thousands of miles all over the nation. They need to fill up just as any driver would when driving an automobile. State and federal government agencies in America are offering tax credit and grant incentives to encourage the installation of natural gas fuel stations.

29 January 2015

Tips For Farm Equipment Safety


In the world of agriculture, safety is a major concern. Of all the industries in the US, agriculture is the most deadly, even more dangerous than mining and other hazardous fields of work. Tractors alone account for 125 deaths a year. Learn the dangers of farm equipment and how to use safety precautions, so your agricultural business is as safe as possible. Keep machinery free of fire risks Farm equipment fires account for millions of dollars in damage every year, and pose a dangerous risk for agricultural workers.

15 January 2015